Villaggio San Francesco

3,981 reviews


Il camping resort 5 stelle tra mare e pineta sulla spiaggia di Caorle con resort, appartamenti, mobile homes e camping immersi in una ricca e tipica vegetazione mediterranea con centinaia di alberi.



Great place to spend a holidays. Nice starting point for cycling also, many parks and nice roads to cycle or walk.
Thank you we will not Comeback. With there milking strategy that makes you pay for everything it's not fun at all. People are measured in two different ways. Italian tourist are allowed to do stuff that's forbidden for people from other countries. Rude beach personal. We will not Comeback again. No free WiFi. No free Beach. Not good food. Only a few very basic non fun playgrounds for kids. Houses that come in age and need quite some work. Nothing special for a lot of money. We will not come again.
I think this is the Best chioce for a family with children. Local restaurants, local shops, many many good baths, the beach is close tó the camping. I definitely advice. Disadvantages: mosqitos, your neighbours (if they are noisy).
Disappointed right after arrival ... We waited 85 minutes for check in. There are long lines for restaurants in the premises. The WiFi here is a joke. AC in the room works very slowly. All mosquitos from the whole world moved here.
A nice middle class camping site, quite typical for the area at the Adria coast. All facilities available, clean and good service. Restaurants and snackbars are good.