Villaggio San Francesco

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Il camping resort 5 stelle tra mare e pineta sulla spiaggia di Caorle con resort, appartamenti, mobile homes e camping immersi in una ricca e tipica vegetazione mediterranea con centinaia di alberi.



Unprepared for the season. Most facilities are not ready or in construction. Over-promising website, under-delivering experience
Although there are some issues I listed below, I still think the camp site is a really good value for the money. The facilities, the food/drink options, all the courses (like tennis or archery, which are included by the way!), all of that makes up to a wonderful time around here. Also, there are plenty of option to go to Venice from here. As per negatives, not much, but today I saw how the grass is taken care of (there’s nothing to mow, by the way). It’s super noisy and the dust from the machine is everywhere. On top of that, there’s a kids train that runs around and makes all sorts of noises at 10p.m and a noisy watering machine at 5:30a.m. To be a 5* camping they need to reduce the maintenance efforts and the noise level. So, down to 4 stars. It’s a pity because the staff is friendly and the facilities are new. Still, this is an amazing camping village with different lodging options, 4 pools with slides for all ages, all sorts of sport facilities, different restaurants and a lot more. The beach is very relaxing and kids friendly - 20 meters in and it’s still 50cm deep. Amazing place to relax
We’ve been going here for 5+ years every year. First impressions those 8 years ago were very positive. Accommodations were clean, plenty of activities for a fair price. All those years later, prices spiked by 25-40% or more but in the village there is very little improvements added. The accommodations are slowly and surely deteriorating year by year and look very old. The kitchen equipment is missing. Rooms are sometimes not even cleaned properly when you check in. Maybe I’m being harsh but there are camps where the accommodations are way cleaner and more modern for a 20-30% cheaper price. And don’t even get me started about a so called “free WIFI” … in year 2023 having a WiFi with speed that barely reaches 1mbit is shameful. Pools there are plenty but so are the people. I have no more power or nerves to argue with people (there are masses of them) for sun-bed when the pools open. Overall not a bad camp but definitely not worth the price tag - even with the early booking discount. There is also no benefit for customers who go there every year… or if there is any , it is literally impossible to find that info on the website.
TL;DR - The village itself is pretty nice, except the housing, don't come here unless you love to get eaten alive by african mosquitoes & freezing cold showers. (The experience was from the Vacansoleil housing provider - O"Hare/Waikiki house type) Positives: - Pretty big amount of attractions for all types of people, mainly kids or sport-oriented people. You can find a rather expensive grocery shop, a couple of expensive clothes bazars, two (or maybe three) restaurants, a bar, ice cream/yoghurt shops & and other kid-oriented attractions. For people interested in fitness there are tennis courts & HIIT/training room. - The beach is rather tidy (glass can be rarely found in the sand), with pretty good lighting for the long evening walks. There is additional beach bar with food & drinks to enjoy. - The public toilets are the best-looking ones I've seen so far, with pretty good care taken of them. - If you're mainly interested in eating pizza there, you most likely won't be disappointed (unless you choose seafood pizza or more "experimental" types of pizza like one called 'USA' - those were horrendous). Every thursday & sunday there also is a fresh seafood market with good tasting fried seafood (was my first experience, cannot compare to others) Neutrals: - Swimming pools - apparently there is five of them, but one was closed for the entire stay. Only one of those swimming pools had warm water. The pools are mainly designed for children with the non-deep pools & attractions, causing a bit of boreness for older people (you can only basically swim there, where they could have had many more attractions) - Staff is basically invisible there, whereas pool supervisors don't really seem to like their work. Sometimes there are events in the pool that require you to leave part of thr premises, even though there is a lot of free space left for others. Negatives: - Mosquitoes... effing mosquitoes EVERYWHERE. You cannot do anything in early morning hours or afternoon ones, cause you'll definitely be bitten over and over again. Apparently every tuesday there is a anti-mosquito spraying performed on the complex, but obviously it is not enough (other villages did them more often too, and it seemed to work). We came to the village in tuesday (supposedly after the spraying), and in 48 hours I have counted about 60 mosquito bites on my body (not counting ones on the back). No Mugga, no Raid preparates will save you from them.. maybe disgusting blood will. I just really hope I will not get malaise from them. Other than that, there are also a lot of wasps outside the housings as well as occassional hornets next to the swimming pools, but those did not cause as much trouble as mosquitos - Regarding the housing, I haven't had a single warm shower throughout the whole staying here. I really don't know what's the problem, but for every 10 minutes of running cold water, you get about 15-30 seconds of warm water running. Moreover, all of the beds are pretty much collapsing or broken, some being "fixed" with gray tape. Electric water heater stinked, and the knives were barely cutting anything. - No free Wi-fi spots anywhere, even though there are plaquettes stating that. Upon attempting to use one, you have to use some sort of login to gain access (ofc we didn't get one) - I understand the tradition of having non-working hours throughout the hottest hours of the days, but I cannot comprehend what's the reasoning of blocking the entrance, if you're driving by a car. Someone there opens the gate, but you cannot drive further than 50 meters afterwards as the road is blocked - what is the point of that? Because of this, we had some of the groceries go bad as the house was far away (and there is no point of buying groceries in the village shop as everything is almost twice as expensive) I think there are better places to choose from than this resort, and I definitely won't be comimg back here. Maybe if their quality standards go up, because there definitely is nothing screaming 5 stars here (as showcased on the billboards advertising this camping).
It's huge. Pools are ok, some of them overcrowded, some of them forgotten and almost empty. Wi-fi is tragic and overpriced,.if you plan to work from here, take your own internet connection with you. In the apartment there is not anything to clean the dishes, take yours.