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Feel at home. Lovely place quite and calming environment. Just couple of minutes to the beach. Very nice and helpful staff plus lovely welcoming reception and management. Clean toilets and showers. Had a lovely stay and I'll be back again. Highly recommended place. Thank you guys I appreciate the hospitality X
Friendly professional place for a family.
Very nice and cheap. The bathrooms are clean, but there are no toilet bowls, only squat toilets, at least for the men. There is loads to do for little kids. Another great advantage compared to all the other camping grounds in the area, is that the have no required minimum stay, which is great if you are moving around a lot and only plan to stay for a couple of days. If you don't have children or can't stand children's entertainers, you should probably avoid the spots close to the gate and pool as they tend to hold children's entertainment at 9 pm and it is quite loud and usually goes on for a few hours. Otherwise its a very nice and chea camping area, which I will revisited if I am ever in the area again.
Cool location near the beach. Many local people. A really calm place and nearly no beasty insects.
These beautiful double or quad bikes can be rented 💕 The best experience of my life 😍😄