Il Salottino Boutique

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Outdoor seatsDogs allowedIn the center



Best breakfast and eveving bar for drink and some food. This is italy in its purest form...
Open air bar, pareos and barefoot are the charming way out to stay along sunset and night drinking hours
Great breakfast croissants and coffee, relaxed and friendly
GOOD MUSIC FOR THE CAPPUCCINO, that's fine, come by from Camping San Francesco with our dog for a morning walk
11 am. I go in and ask if there are any vegan croissants left. A guy replies telling me that the Vegan brioches are out. Ok… evidently for Venetian bartenders, breakfasts in a tourist place at 11 have been over for a long time. I accept the diversity of "time zone" or "biorhythms" or whoever even if, as a tourist, I really can't share it because on vacation people can get up even at 10 and do everything calmly and even if you prepare two more brioches you don't risk certainly neither bankruptcy nor an invasion of flies for the unsold …. What I really don't accept is what happened just after. As an "alternative" he offers me a wholemeal and non-vegan one... I begin to wonder if this total ignorance sown everywhere like an epidemic is normal…. if a customer asks for a vegan brioche what the heck could make you think he can accept one with butter, milk and/eggs??? We're not quite there.