Agenzia Rossi

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L'Agenzia Rossi, gestita direttamente dalla famiglia Pezzon, è stata fondata a Caorle nel 1978 ed è giunta oggi alla seconda generazione.

L'agenzia, presente sul territorio da oltre 40 anni, ha fatto della propria professionalità, conoscenza ed esperienza del mercato immobiliare l'indispensabile garanzia di affidabilità per il cliente, che infatti viene assistito e consigliato in tutte le fasi: dalla prima visita all’atto di compravendita, dalla scelta del mutuo e le relative pratiche alle stime dell’immobile fino all'assistenza tecnica, legale e notarile, mediando le diverse esigenze, al fine di concludere con successo la trattativa ed ottenere la massima soddisfazione di entrambe le parti.

L'attenzione alle esigenze del cliente, il fattore umano, la cortesia e la disponibilità, unite a competenza e costante aggiornamento, sono per noi componenti decisive e valori imprescindibili.



My experience with the Rossi agency was excellent, the staff was helpful, the house was beautiful, more than expected, clean and functional, a very positive experience, I would definitely recommend it again
Very satisfied. Serious, precise and competent people. I will definitely contact them next time I come back to Caorle.
Excellent agency, friendly and helpful staff, always ready to meet the needs of the customer. We stayed 15 days in Duna Verde di Caorle in a house proposed by them and we had a great time. Furthermore, to meet the needs of our little dog, they had a gate installed on the stairs to prevent him from tumbling from the night floor to the day floor. I highly recommend this agency.
As far as the agency is concerned, I believe that they have reached an excellent quality standard, as far as the location is concerned, Duna Verde, if it goes on like this, will only become a second home for the owners of the various housing units. There are no tourists and everything that goes with it. I remember years ago how alive it was and how pleasant it was to spend the holidays there.
Friendly and helpful staff. The house was dirty, very dirty. The agency told us that it had been cleaned and sanitized. Clean it wasn't, sanitized I'm afraid not. The residence swimming pool was closed due to Covid, I would have appreciated a bit of sincerity from the agency who instead continued to reply that it would open 'tomorrow'. The truth was that the agency had nothing to do with the opening of the swimming pool and could have responded truthfully from the beginning. Ultimately the pool opened well over half of my stay and there was no offer of a refund from the agency, not even a word. All in all I wouldn't recommend it, there are others in Duna Verde.