Bazar Brocca

10 reviews


Dal 1972 punto vendita di articoli per la spiaggia con un vasto assortimento di gonfiabili, giocattoli, modellismo e tanto altro.


In the center



A real seaside bazaar. There is almost everything at the correct prices. The child gets lost in the games, but also the adult finds many indispensable products for beach and camping life.
Historical landmark in duna verde, vast assortment of everything you are looking for for beach and sea, assortment and professionalism in addition to the smile that is never lacking in this shop.
Very well stocked, too bad it doesn't have fishing stuff, maybe they could put it in place of that myriad of toys they have ...
Historic store stocked with toys, models and inflatables. The books and sunscreens department is also excellent